A Foundation With Heart.

December 1, 2008


RCF organized a trip to Spain and France, to search for alliances and contacts to support projects that will be run by the NGO “SOLIDARITY PERU” in the northern area of Lima, the capital of Perú.

The team was made up of: Dr. John Rottkamp, President of RCF and SP, Mr. Aldo Carbone, officer of Solidarity Peru and Mr. Alexis Echevarria –Executive Director of Solidarity Perú.

Three cities were visited: Paris, Grenoble and Barcelona.

In Paris

we had a meeting with a group of girl scouts who were planning a 3 week visit to Lima. They will be volunteering in the schools where SP has projects with working children. The objective of this team of girl scouts is to bring different kinds of recreation games that the working children can play in their free time.

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In Grenoble

we met with 3 representatives of the Association “Gieres Perou” who support some of the projects run by SP and we observed different programs for children in a primary school, city hall and a library in the district of Gieres.

With the members of the Association “Gieres Pérou”, RCF and SP introduced its projects and results from 2009 to 2010. We introduced “Art Project” for 2011-2012, asking for their future support. The members of the association agreed with the objectives and results that were obtained. They will ask for future support in the city hall of Gieres and make requests to one minister of France.

The president of “Gieres Perou”, Ms. Christiane Eschallier, will visit Art Project next September in Lima. She was very impressed with our team and the projects we represent.

We also met with Ms. Marguerite Portal, the President of the Association “Collectif Independencia”. We once again introduced the prior projects and results for RCF and SP. Afterwards, we introduced a project involving teenage pregnancy and risks during childbirth. She agreed with the project and informed us that one sponsor she works with might be interested in supporting part of this project during the next 3 years. We asked the “Gieres Perou” association to help support the running of the Art Project and Educational projects with the working children this year. We need the association “Collectif Independencia” to continue their donation of medical supplies to different medical centers in northern Lima.

On our last night in Grenoble, we met with Mr. Claude Sergent, Council member in the district of Gieres. He is interested in continuing to support our projects for working children with the Association “Gieres Perou”.

In Barcelona,

we met with Ms. Angels, who is in charge of special educational programs in Catalunya. She presented materials promoting children rights used by parents and teachers. It was a very interesting to exchange ideas, methodologies and contacts in Perú to introduce our projects.

In our last meeting, we met with Ms. Aurelia Ramirez, Executive Director of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce in Spain. She offered us a donation of more than 10,000 books for the libraries in the schools where SP runs it’s educational projects.