A Foundation With Heart.

December 1, 2008

Peruvian Pride

The NGO, Anna Lindh, each year honors Peruvian citizens abroad who have made successful careers to the benefit of the Peruvian people.

It is within this framework that Mr. Aldo Carbone Vice-President, on behalf of the NGO Solidarity Peru, was honored at the "Second Meeting of Peruvian Entrepreneurs and Successful Living Abroad - Peru 2009" event which took place October 21st till the 23, 2009 at the Hotel Los Delfines in Lima - Peru.

The event recognized the achievements of the NGO Solidarity Peru. Through hard work and dedication Solidarity Peru has contributed to the development of a better and stronger image of Peru abroad.

The name of the trophy "Peruvian Pride Award 2009" reflects the message that the recipient should be proud to be Peruvian. The effort, struggle and endeavor of our citizens abroad is a model for millions of Peruvians who seek to excel despite hardships and they still contribute to their community.

Solidarity Peru's mission is to work with and for children and adolescents in Peru, to defend their rights and offer projects in health and education.