SP coordinated with the Association Vida Perú to be part of one of the programs of the World Health Organization for deworming young children.

After investigating how important and positive the impact in the lives of patients was, SP decided to join the program because there is ample evidence demonstrating why school-age children and babies under 5-year-olds should be regularly dewormed. Worms cause malnutrition, anaemia and retard both physical and cognitive development. Moreover, if the mothers are infected, worms contribute to their already precarious iron status causing their children to be born with low birth weights.

Now, in coordination with the Medical Center of Valdiviezo in the district of SMP in North Lima, we have been participating in campaigns organized by the City Hall of Lima in order to deliver the mebendazole tablets. Even in offices of the medical center, the medicine is being delivered to whole families whose houses are located in areas without water connections or whose worm tests have been positive.

In 2006, the World health Organization estimated that nearly 50 million children under 5 years of age were treated at least once with either albendazole or mebendazole tablets.