SP attended a ceremony in which executives of different Educational Institutions packed the spacious auditorium of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Comas to conduct the presentation of the Roundtable Plan "For a Life without Violence in the Excise UGEL 04 " , to be held from 2013 to 2015. This involves the joint efforts of public and private organizations involved in the development of education in our jurisdiction.

The multisectoral event announced the approaches aimed at achieving a culture of peace in schools and the areas surrounding them, which were established with input from representatives of the institutions participating in the Roundtable, which held regular meetings throughout this year.

In this context, the Roundtable led by UGEL 04 identified several issues within the 15 sector education networks , which need to be addressed immediately in order to promote the existence of favorable environments within the schools .

This compact working group consists of representatives assigned to our educational jurisdiction in the Municipalities and the Ministry of Health , Public Ministry, National Police Ombudsman's Office, Ministry of Women , Ministry of Labour, NGO allies, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Missionary Ministry of Education and Regional Education of Metropolitan Lima. They all will contribute to achieving schools that provide quality education to happy boys and girls .

Working together to improve the lives of students

During his speech, the Director Ruben Laguna Coaquira UGELs 04 , said his management is committed to working hard for improving the lives of students in schools, promoting healthy and supportive environments where the culture of peace prevail , " for this we we combine our strategic allies, with the aim of strengthening the task that allows to achieve in the shortest possible time , the transformation of the education system in our area of focus ," he declared .

Laguna Coaquira, confirmed his belief that in the short term , the joint work of the members of the Roundtable will yield excellent results that will benefit the entire community. " The creation of this table is due to the efforts of civil society organizations in North Lima . Your valuable cooperation from now, it is part of healthy achievements we see today in the aspect of living free of violence , "he said .

It is worth highlighting the presence of the Director of DRELM Marcos Tupayachi Cardenas, during the event , who welcomed the consolidation of this multi table as a solid alternative to transform schools in appropriate centers where children and adolescents can develop their potential as individuals, and contribute to the social development of the country.

Members of the Roundtable 2013 - 2015